Blog Post 1 Introduction

Personal information

  1. My name is Lindsay and that’s what most people call me.
  2. I am from Detroit, Michigan
  3. I have two brothers, one who is older than me, Joe and one who is younger than me, Nico. My older brother is a senior at Michigan Tech University, located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, as my younger brother Nico is a senior in high school.   On campus I am very involved in my sorority Kappa Delta and am on our council as Panhellenic Delegate. I also have a job on campus at our call center. I love working out and I am making it a goal to make time for that everyday this semester.

Learning Style 

  1. For me to feel comfortable talking in class I need to see that other people are willing to talk about the subject at hand. I do not enjoy starting a conversation or having a very wide discussion. I like when the discussion is very specific and people know exactly whats being discussed.

What have you been reading?

  1. I recently read a book called See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers by John Goodlad. This book was very eye opening as it discussed some of the worst things teachers have seen, but it always ended with a good note. And that to me is kinda the moral of teaching, things will be bad sometimes, but they will always get better. My favorite quote from this book is”If someone had told me everything I needed to know before I started teaching, it wouldn’t have mattered. I wouldn’t have listened anyway. I was better and knew more than anyone. I was exactly the kind of new teacher I’d like to help. Talk about irony – I wouldn’t have listened to myself even after I had been through the school of hard knocks. Still, maybe other new teachers aren’t as stubborn and hardheaded as I was.” I love this quote because it’s a simple reminder to stay humble and never say no to a learning opportunity.

About Dr. Shutkin:

7. What is your favorite assignment in this class?





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