Access to Technology

At Gesu there are many people who are in charge of the technology. They have a Primary Enrichment Teacher, a STREAM Director, a Technology Coordinator, and an Educational Technology Specialist. From talking with all of these people, my cooperating teacher (Mrs.Clary), and another third grade teacher at the school (Miss. Barrett) I learned a lot about the technology available at Gesu and how it is used.

I was informed that each classroom has either iPads or Lenovo laptops in it which the children always have access to. My cooperating teacher has iPads in her classroom and Miss. Barrett (one of the other third grade teachers) has the laptops. I see students from her classroom come over to borrow the iPads and I just recently noticed that students from my class go over to her classroom in order to borrow the laptops for certain assignments. Each student does have a specific number iPad and laptop they are supposed to use, just so they can keep track of who is using what and where each device is. All of these devices are available to the students from their tuition money. Because Gesu is a private school there is a tuition that each family pays in order for their child to attend, and then the money from that is allocated to technology.  Gesu’s technology coordinator is in charge of the firewall and is a key contributor in deciding what things should be blocked. The technology director also has the technology set up so that all of the applications on each device hold the exact same content.

Everyone at Gesu was extremely helpful in regard to telling me about the technology and showing me everything the school has to offer. The director of technology especially was helpful, she showed me the new technology wing. The wing includes 3D printers, a lazar cutter, coding tools, and even sewing machines! Last week I also had the opportunity to go into the tv studio there and watch my students preform a jingle they made about their favorite food. It was so cool to see all of the camera equipment and green screens that are available to the students there and was great to see that even the third graders get to use it. Overall, the technology at Geus is very advanced and the students get to experience a ton of different types of technology!

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