Classroom Technologies

I have discussed much of the technology used in my classroom in my previous classroom blog post. However, now I will go a little more in depth involving the software applications. The classroom I observe in uses many software application. 

An example of this is for their math lessons. They use Singapore math, which is an online website/app that has tons of activities on it for the subject of math. Another app my teacher uses frequently is google classroom. The kids have a section in it for writing, math, spelling and science. They use it all of the time to type up their work and do spelling sorts (instead of cutting and pasting words into categories they just have to click and drag).  Using these applications allows my teacher to differentiate to the extreme because it’s very simple to change the questions each student gets and Singapore math already has tons of activities on it so she just has to assign the correct one to the correct student.

Another app they use is a book source app. This app allows my cooperating teacher to keep track of every  book that she has in her classroom on it and has an AR test for every single book as well. This allows the students to check out what book they have so that my teacher can keep track of that and allows for her to administer AR tests anytime a student finishes a book. This is a really helpful tool because she can’t always stop what she is doing in order to set up an AR test for a student every time they finish a book. This app is very helpful with classroom organization and allows my cooperating teacher to take a step back and let the students be responsible for their own reading and for taking their own exams (at least for reading). Overall, there are many different types of applications that my cooperating teacher uses in her class that greatly benefit her classroom.

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