Distributed Cognition 5

In regards to weather or not I think that technology makes us smarter I would have to say no to such a broad statement. Technology alone does not do anything. We have to take technology and use it in the proper way in order to enhance our learning and truly benefit from it. Sometimes we simply use technology because it is an easy thing that will distract students for a few minutes so that we as teachers can get something done. But we have to be more conscious of that and make sure that when we are assigning students activities that involve technology that the technology serves a purpose that nothing else could do. I love that my cooperating teacher makes her students look up their spelling word definitions in the dictionary still even though they ask every time to use google. Using google is just a cheat way of looking them up in the dictionary and it’s the small things like this that we can’t just give away to technology.

Now this isn’t to say technology isn’t beneficial, I love seeing technology in the classroom. I think it’s amazing that my students at Gesu have access to technologies like 3D printers and laser cutters along with iPads and Chromebooks and smart boards, they are truly a blessed school and to my knowledge have been using technology in an appropriate and productive way in which it would actually increase learning. Technology is a very beneficial tool, teachers just have to be conscious of if they’re using it properly or not.

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